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AngelDesigns makes its Graphics by using various images collected
from sites that offer graphics ( PSP tubes etc...) for download.
Althought AngelDesigns is not the holder of said images,
We are, however, holder of completed images made by us.
These images are made for you at your request
to use wherever or however you wish.

Memorial Sites:
AngelDesigns uses various Background sets when making
memorial websites. We use, with permission,
the artwork of Penny Parker, memorial sets offered
by other graphic designers, as well
as custom made websets by AngelDesigns.
These sets are to the creator and are not to be used elsewhere
without permission and proper credit given.
AngelDesigns, however, does not require a link back,
but it is always appreciated.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at

Email Angel

Thank You
From Our Heart to Yours

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