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Hello & Welcome to AngelDesigns
If you Are a Parent who has lost a child
We send our
Deepest apologies,
and condolences to you.

If you are a family member or friend to someone who has lost their child, we welcome you also. Having a poem added with a photo, or special custom photos made can be a beautiful gift and can bring comfort to that grieving Parent. 

This site was set up after joining an online support group for Bereaved Parents.
Making Custom Memorial Graphics for you is part of our way to offer our support.
Having a Memorial Site for your Angel
Can bring much comfort to you
The Bereaved Parent.
Having custom made graphics of your Child
Can also bring comfort to you
The Bereaved Parent.
We hope to Bring you that Comfort
that is so needed, in our designs for You.
Consisting of :
  • Custom Graphics of your Child
  • Memorial Webpage/webpages
  • Special Day Pages ie..Bday, holiday etc...
  • Memorial Signatures
  • Memorial Plaques
  • Memorial Site Banners
  • Custom Awards 
  • And anything else asked for by Request


Please Feel Free to visit the Page of
Samples & Memorials Made by AngelDesigns.
Websets will be Made with the Artwork of
Penny Parker with her written permission, as well as Custom artwork made by AngelDesigns. If you are interested in a Memorial Page or pages and have seen a webpage graphics set, that you like, offered by another Memorial Graphics site, thats Ok, We will use it for you, giving proper credit to the site who Offered it for download.

All Backgrounds, Graphics and Websets are
to the owner and are not to be used
elsewhere or without permission. Failure to abide by these terms results into
Copyright Infringement.

To Protect the Custom artwork done by AngelDesigns, all graphics are marked with a watermark of creator.

We do apologize for any inconvieniece but due to recent and ongoing issues, We feel the need to protect our work.



AngelDesigns Has just created an extention to its site Custom Cards - Words of Love
Designed purposley for the loss of
a loved one.
Special Cards created for those who would
like to send Comforting Words and support
in Honor of someones loved ones
Birthday, Heaven Day - Or Just Because

~Thank You~

"I will count my day successful
if I've caused someone to smile;
I've shared a hug; I've dried a tear;
I've gone the extra mile."

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